Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you call this site Darkwing Tower?

In the show, Darkwing sometimes referred to his refuge in the Audubon Bay Bridge as "Darkwing Tower." The name wasn't taken, and I thought it was clever. So there ya go. :)

So, who's this "Ariana" that keeps popping up? Is she from the show?

Nope! She's my fan character I created back in 1992 when I first started writing fan fiction and drawing fan art. Ariana is Morgana's younger sister.

You draw ducks well. Where did you learn?

Thank you! I've been drawing since the show aired, and taught myself to draw by referencing life and practicing with a lot of Walter Foster How-to-Draw books. I also read a ton of books about cartooning and anatomy. I highly recommend anything by Christopher Hart.

I've seen Morgana's last name spelled a lot of different ways. Why do you spell Morgana's last name the way you do?

Honestly, when I was first writing fan fic, I always spelled her last name "McCobber." Heh, I was nine, gimme a break! But once I started buying the merchandise I got a feel for how to spell character names, and I happened across this spelling of Morgana's last name on the back of the "Just Us Justice Ducks" VHS. It's stuck with me as "correct" since then, because I haven't seen any other official spelling. That, and I like to be different. ;)

Will you put my artwork and/or fan fiction on your site?

No can do, buckaroo. The artwork and fan fiction by others that I DO host here relate back to my own characters or my alternate universe in some way. If I start hosting a bunch of different stories with different characters and differing versions of St. Canard, well, that'd just get confusing! I suggest you sign up for an account on DeviantArt,, or I believe Malicia can set you up at!

I have a Darkwing Duck/Disney Afternoon related fan site. Will you link to it?

Sure, as long as you return the favor! The more Darkwing sites, the merrier! Banners can be found here to link back to this site!

Can I put some of your artwork up on my site?

E-mail me about it and we'll see. Just PLEASE don't use my artwork for your own site or claim that it is your own. I've worked really hard on these pieces and stealing artwork just isn't nice. Please don't direct link to any of my artwork either, please. It uses up my bandwidth and that's just not cool since I'm paying for this domain and all that. If I do give you permission to post my artwork on your site, PLEASE remember to give me credit and to link back here. That's all I ask!

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