The Darkwing Duck Drinking Game

by Amanda Rohrssen and Rachel Faraday

Alcohol is not a requirement (you can any beverage) but it does make it more fun! ;)

Take one sip if...

Negaduck uses a gun
Negaduck throws an explosive at anything or anybody
Darkwing and Gosalyn hug
Darkwing’s introduction is interrupted
Darkwing says “Let’s Get Dangerous”
Negaduck calls someone a “knob”
Negaduck yells at the Fearsome Four
Darkwing is wearing a different outfit from his Darkwing suit or Drake Mallard clothes
Negaduck uses his chainsaw
The colors are wrong in the cartoon
Darkwing visits SHUSH
Darkwing uses alliteration
Any of the Muddlefoots show up
Gosalyn is punished/yelled at by Darkwing in some way
Honker says “um”
Darkwing is hit over the head
Launchpad is eating something
Gosalyn breaks something
Ammonia Pine cleans something
Steelbeak laughs
Gosalyn says, “Keen Gear”
Launchpad crashes
Megavolt uses his electrogun
A villain mocks Darkwing’s name
Darkwing shoots his gas gun
Launchpad says, “No problemo”
Hamburger Hippo is in the scene

Take two sips if...

Mr. Banana Brain "talks"
Megavolt talks to a light bulb
Megavolt is called “Sparky”
Steelbeak fusses over his suit
FOWL High Command appears
Darkwing crashes any vehicle
Darkwing falls off a building
Dr. Bellum introduces a new SHUSH invention
Morgana uses a spell
Tom Lockjaw reports
Darkwing appears on the news
Bushroot appears with Spike
Quackerjack uses his toy teeth
Liquidator uses a slogan
Negaduck is wearing a disguise
Darkwing’s photo is taken
A villain busts out of jail
Gosalyn is playing a sport
Bushroot is wearing clothes
Gosalyn sneaks out
Launchpad gets a “good” idea

Take three sips if...

Megavolt and Quackerjack are working together
Stegmutt says, “Oops”
Gizmoduck shows up
Gryzlikoff causes Darkwing bodily harm
Gosalyn (or NegaGosalyn) is wearing a dress
J. Gander cleans his spectacles
Darkwing is fighting a villain that doesn’t belong to FOWL or the Fearsome Five
Darkwing is smacked by a woman
Whiffle Boy is mentioned
Darkwing kisses Gosalyn or vice versa
Dr. Slug is mentioned
Darkwing or Negaduck’s boxer shorts are visible
Negaduck is leading the Fearsome Five
Darkwing is thrown in jail
Morgana casts the wrong spell

CHUG when...

Darkwing is actually happy to see Gizmoduck
Dr. Slug is actually seen
Any character sings

Happy drinking!